Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My baby turned 8...

I just can't fathom that my baby is already 8. WOWSA...will be even worse when Sami turns 5 this month. Where has time gone...weren't they just babies? 8 days after my due date, I remember Tom and I eating dinner at Denny's (I know...) March 15, 2001 before going to the hospital. When we got there at 8pm, they gave me meds to soften my cervix. The morning of the 16th about 7am, they gave me pitocin to start the process flowing. I was only 1 cm dialated at this point and had been for weeks. Contractions started almost immediately. I had visions of laboring without drugs. Around 2pm, I got the epidural and was progressing nicely. Finally at 10cm, I started pushing. 2 1/2 hours of hard pushing, she still wasn't coming out. I have a rounded cervix, so she wasn't coming down. They made the decision to do a c-section and they just gave me a higher dose in my epidural. Off to the OR I went. Tom and Charlene were able to be in there with me and see the whole process. I kept waiting for her to cry, that way I knew she was out and all was well. I got worried when I didn't hear the crying. Tom and Char were almost on the other side of the room watching. Hannah came out not breathing, so they were doing everything possible to make her breathe. They took her into the other room and got her breathing and I could hear her little about the longest moment in my LIFE! Tom finally brought her over to me, a perfect little angel. I got to kiss her and then they whisked her away to the nursery, along with Tom and was able to tell Tom that was his birthday present. Did I mention that Tom's birthday is March 16th too...what a gift. My baby was born at 10:41pm. The main thing I remember after they left was hearing the staff count all the items.....1 scaple, 5 gauses, the time I thought it was funny...but working in the medical profession now, I realize they were accounting for everything to make sure I didn't aquire anything "extra" before they stitched me up :)! I can certainly appreciate that! I spent almost 2 hours in recovery by myself..which is how I wanted it..I wanted Tom by Hannah's side and not let her out of his sight.

I finally got to my room and THEN was able to finally see and HOLD my baby girl. She was perfect....I checked for the obligatory 10 fingers, 10 toes, perfect in every way. Every test that they did for her, her 1st bath, etc., Daddy was right there. They would come in to take the bassinet and he'd make sure he was right there beside her walking down the hallway. I can honestly say for the first 3 days of her life, Daddy didn't let her go anywhere without him. Several naps were taken on the pull out bed with Hannah on his chest. Very very sweet.

On our way home from the hospital, we stopped at Walmart to shop. My c-section was so easy and compared to most, a breeze!

Fast forward to March 15, 2009 - Hannah and Tom's party. But does he really get to celebrate his birthday much...nope, but he did get a candle on a cupcake! :)! She had a great party and a great birthday the next day.

Happy 8th Birthday Hannah and Happy 36th Birthday Tom!

Pictures: In order from top to bottom:
1) Hannah's first Mother's Day, May 2001
2) Us singing Happy Birthday to Hannah on her 8th Birthday (baseball themed of course)
3) Kids playing twister at Hannah's party
4) Party room

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What will you celebrate?

You know you are a Disney fan when you blog about an awsome Disney Celebrations box you got in the mail before you blog about your husband/daughter's birthday party and your front door/storm door that you finally replaced after 11 years of being in the house!

Ok, onto my box. I entered an essay contest that the Mickey Mom's Club had a few weeks ago and WON....well 1,000 of us I'm not that special. They were mailing us a party package so that we can host our very own in home Disney Celebration. Let me just tell you how wonderful the items in the box are.....the girls were just as excited as I was to open the box and peek at the contents! It came in a beautiful red box..unfortunately, it looked like fed-ex had dropped the box a few times, so the end was smashed which in turn smashed the beautiful colored fortune cookies in the box...but we had fun eating the remnents :)! There were 11 "goody bags" that are canvas bags that say "Celebrate Today" and inside are a mickey ear straw, magnets and a sheet for the magnets to stick too. Very awsome. Also there are 11 things to go inside the goody bags...that includes a mickey hat (like Burger King Birthday hats), coloring book and crayons. There are Disney napkins, beautiful lithographs for the Mom's of the birthday kids, fortune cookies (what's left of them..hee), balloons you can blow up for the party, a bingo game, trivia cards and a wish maker kit. There were also Hannah Montana magnets for all the kids, a WDW DVD vacation planner and a beautiful photo album for the hostess - ME! ALL in all, it was a wonderful surprise.

Samantha's birthday is April 16th, but we'll be camping that week for Spring Break, so we are doing her party on the 11th, day before Easter and doing a big Easter egg hunt in the backyard (pray for good weather for us...when I post about Hannah's party, you'll understand). So she'll have an Easter Disney theme for her party...she's very excited and was listing all 19 kids in her class. Explaining to her that she cannot invite all of them was a bit difficult, but hopefully we'll work it out!
For the rest of the 999 Disney souls that recieved the box, hopefully you are just as excited as I am :o)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I wanted to update on the mouse situation...happily reported hopefully we don't have a situation anymore involvoing mice :o)!

We caught 2 live mice (or since Tom let the 1st one go..he may have come back for more). Since the neighbor nor I liked the idea of touching a live mouse, we got new traps.

So we got the traps that "kill" the mice. Believe me, while I wanted to get rid of them in a humane way..I'm sure the neighborhood did not like a grown man (neighbor) and a grown woman (me) screeching everytime we saw claws come out of the live traps :)! Eventually we tossed the scared mouse into the garbage can and hopefully he was picked up by the trash man the next day because we haven't seen him around lately. We have seen NO mice in our traps, nor have I had to clean up their "left behinds". So I'm thinking positive and the mouse problem is GONE!
As for the $50....of course I didn't win..I never do :o)! I hope Darcie wins though :)!

Time flies.....

Man, time sure does fly by. You blink one minute and your kids are babies and the next thing you know they are graduating from college. Ok, so we aren't on the college front yet..but it certainly is in the distant future. We are smack dab in the middle of grandchildren birthday's. My parents only have 4 of them...2 from me and 2 from my sister. Her son was 14 January 14th and her daughter just turned 7 on February 23rd. Hannah will be 8 on March 16th and Samantha will be 5 on April 16th. Then after that, they are sporadic.

I had to take a picture of me with Samantha for her dance recital on May 30th. Their theme is "My Mama had a Dancing Heart", so they wanted to do a slide show in the beginning with the girls and their mom's, grandma's, etc. Being the ever conscious parents, I couldn't just take a pic of me and Samantha...I had to interject Hannah in there, so we did a pic of all 3 of us that I submitted (I also have one of my Mom with Sami to submit). Seeing that pic reminded me of a favorite pic of me and the girls that was taken a long time ago. Now realize, I'm the one behind the very rarely do I get to actually be in the pic. Here's the pic from about 3 years ago when Hannah was in preschool and they had a Vday dinner.
Now fast forward to girls are growing up so fast, it's scary.

It brings tears to my eyes to know that they are growing up and unfortunately there's not a darn thing I can do about it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Darcie (Disney World Mom's Panalist) is giving away $50 for voting for her blog.

Check it out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nope, I don't mean Mickey and unfortunately I don't mean Disney World-I mean the real rodents. We have mice in our garage - and YES! I'm making myself believe they are ONLY in the garage. I've seen no evidence of them being in the house. I spent most of Sunday afternoon cleaning out the garage so that we could even see what was going on in there. Now, it's all clean, no more mouse poo as far as I can see and we put down these traps. You put bait in them and set them up, the rodent crawls inside, eats poison and the trap closes. Now, you would think, once he/she ingests the poison, they would die. 2nd night with the traps out, I excidedly told Tom we caught on, the trap door was closed. So I proceed to pick it up with a bag (Tom still can't bend from surgery) and hand it to him and proceed into the house. He takes it out front to dump into the garbage can and realizes the thing is ALIVE! Since he has such a good heart, he takes it across the street and dumps it in the neighbors ditch (Sorry Tony and Now, what's to stop the thing from coming back and bringing friends is my question to him. Tom says that when he gets water in his system, he'll die. (whateva!)

So this morning, the same trap is closed again, so looks like we've caught another one. I told Tom that if he wasn't prepared to kill it if it was not dead or tag it so we can see if he comes back (lol), then he should leave it alone and I'll find a willing man in the neighborhood to dispose of it tonight - ewwww.

Our preacher is coming to take Tom to lunch today...what are the chances he's not squemish about killing a mouse? hmmmmmm. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keeping Busy

Trying to keep busy in the midst of all Tom's surgery issues hasn't been easy. One way I kept busy was to paint and move the girls rooms around. They were sharing a room with the bunk beds and the other room was a playroom. We decided to give them their own room, since they really were not keeping the playroom cleaned, Mom was. One room was painted a light pink with dark pink sponge paints and the other room was the opposite. Hannah detested a pink room, so she choose her color - Cornflower blue. Took 2 coats of primer to cover the pink and 2 coats of blue to cover the primer.
Here are their finished rooms. Sami's is the bigger room, so it made more sense for her to keep the bunk bed in there and Hannah has Tom's old headboard from when he was growing up on the twin bed. Sami now has a little play place underneath her bed where her doll house is stored and Hannah gets privacy to do her homework at the desk (which is the last thing my Grandmother gave me before she passed away over 25 years ago). Right there between the bed and the wall, she has pillowed piled and if you can't find her, she's there reading a book or playing her DS. Nighttime is definately easier because Samantha's not climbing the ladder pulling Hannah's hair and singing keeping her awake. My sister and I each had our own room with bunk beds that stacked on top of each other. So we would go months with our own rooms and then decide to share and move everything around. Yes, we fought like cats and dogs, but we really enjoyed each other's company, I hope the same for my girls.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update on Tom (the Unknown)

Kind of funny I'm calling my husband an unknown...but I seriously believe he's certainly ONE OF A KIND! I'm sure I'll look back on these past 2 years with his health issues and smile (couldn't bring myself to say laugh). For anyone out there contemplating marriage...get a whole-body workup from a certified doc before you tie that knot!

Ok, on to the update: Heard from his back surgeon and he believes it has something to do with the SI joint injection he received last week. So he's going to call the doc that did the injection. We get a call late Tuesday night from the injection doc and he's still puzzled as to why Tom's having issues with his right foot, but will call him the next day to check on him. Later that evening, Tom was laying on his left side and said he felt a golf-ball size bump in his back when he laid on his left side. He shows me where he feels it and it looks about the same spot as they did the injection. We have him lay on a heating pad for about an hour and low and behold after that 1 hour of heat, he can wiggle his toes. As soon as he puts the foot down after getting off the heating starts to swell again...just more confirmation to me that it strings from the injection. Injection doc calls yesterday and after Tom told him of the revalation of the heating pad and knot..his response is "Ohhhhh". He wants to see Tom tomorrow morning. So hopefully that was a good "Ohhhh" and he knows what the problem is or NOT! I'm banking on the 1st one so we can get this cleared up. I'd like my life to go back to normal where I do the "mom" stuff around the house and he does the "dad" stuff. I didn't enjoy my evening spent removing caulk from the tub and replacing it and having to redo it cause I pressed too hard and it wasn't filling the cracks like it should! Or having to chissle open the frozen trash can lid to put a bag of trash in there. I need a vacation!

P.S. - Yesterday was my nephew's 14th Birthday - Happy Birthday Tyer, and thus starts the beginning of birthday season.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dealing in the unknown...

For those that know me, know the issues my husband is having with his back, etc. He hurt his back at work in November of 2007. They kept telling him, he must have sprained something and it would get better. Fast forward to July of 08 when he finally had an MRI done on his back. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed a degenerated disk in his back at S1/L5. So he started Tom on physical therapy 3 times a week. After 3 weeks of physical therapy and still no progress, he sent him to a pain management doc for steroid/cortizone epidural injections into his back. After 2 of these, the pain management doc said there was nothing he could do for him. He could do a 3rd shot, but since the first 2 didn't take, there was no reason to do the third. So that ortho doc sent us to a Neurosurgeon for surgery. We had that appointment on the day before Thanksgiving and surgery scheduled for Dec. 9th. Came through his 2 hour surgery 4 hours later because of some issues they encountered with is nerves and joints. Spent 5 days in the hospital and was sent home. He had an elevated heart rate (up to 170 at times) and a fever, so they were not going to release him, but finally after a vast array of tests and finding nothing wrong with him (remember this..cause it's a pattern), so they decided to release him.

Right before Christmas his right leg continues to go numb at certain points and is throbbing and causing him alot of pain. The day before Christmas Eve, he gets an MRI of his back to see what the cause of the pain is. We see the doc the next day and figure out that his SI joint is acting up (sacroiliac joint), which causes sciatic pain down the leg. He sends us to another pain management doc for a lanacain injection in his R SI joint. We get that done on Monday, Jan. 5th. He tells the doc in the office after the shot that his toes were tingling, he said it was normal and would wear off when the shot did. Fast forward 2 days...his right foot is starting to throb and really bother him. 3 days later it's swelled almost double in size. Call the pain mgnt doc back and he is very adamant about this not being anywhere related to the shot he gave him. Call the surgeon and since he was really worried about a possible DVT (blood clot), they told me to take him to the ER.

3 1/2 hours spent in the ER, an US and xray later, they can find NOTHING wrong with his foot. Thank God it's not a blood clot nor a fracture of his foot...but come on people...what could it be? The ER doc is very adamant about it being something with the shot he received on Monday and I even called the pain mgt doc from the ER (got all his docs on speed dial) and again nothing he did with the injection could cause swelling and pain in his foot.

Ugh, believe me, I'm very grateful all the major things that could have been wrong are not wrong at all....but his foot is still in alot of pain and still swollen.

It helps to work for Radiologists, so I had another one look at the xrays they took last night and he couldn't pinpoint anything that would cause pain and swelling. "Could be" a stress fracture, but that wouldn't show up on xray for 1-2 weeks. Only other thing they could do is an MRI which would show a start of a stress fracture if that's what it is or send him to an orthopedist (our original doc) for more tests, opinions, etc., Tuesday, January 13th at 10:43am - still waiting on his back surgeon to get out of surgery and call me back to figure out what our next course of action is!

P.S. Happy Birthday MOM - Hope you have a fantastic day and we can still make our lunch date today!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Party-Packed Weekend

We had a party-packed weekend. Friday night, Hannah had her Girl Scout Cookie Rally kickoff for girl scout cookies (selling started on Saturday). They had games, pizza and you could earn tickets from the games to turn in for prizes.

Saturday, we went with my sister's GS troop to Young Chef's Academy. Hannah
and Samantha (and the rest of the girls) had a blast. They got to prepare their own food, mix it and then eat it and even make a cookbook of the things they made. They made sloppy joes, fruit salad, soup and baked apples. The sloppy joes' were the bomb. I've always used a can when I make sloppy joes - NEVER AGAIN! Just take 1lb of hamburger (cooked), 1 can of
tomato soup and mustard and ketchup to taste and heat through. And whala..sloppy joes. They tasted great.

These little cutters are really cool too..I got one for each of them and some scrapers. Tomorrow night, they get to make dinner for us.

Then Saturday night we went to Tyler's birthday party (he turns 14 on Wed) and then today we had a party for Mom's birthday (which is on Tuesday). Good thing we have nothing going on this week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Such innocent slumber

Samantha had to sleep with her Princess Aurora crown last night. She played with it for about 1 hour when I finally told her if she didn't go to sleep, I was going to take it from her. She found a hook right above her bed that she hung it on before I left the room.

About an hour later, I go in there to shut off her string of princess lights and make sure she's covered and this is what I discovered. Does she look like Sleeping Beauty waiting on her Prince or what? I couldn't have staged this picture any better. As soon as I saw her, I grabbed my camera, took a pic and had to wake Tom up to see :)! Soo precious.....

So then I felt bad about taking her pic and not Hannah's while she was sleeping..she definately sleeps like her Father!

Tonight is our Girl Scout cookie rally - so I'll make sure I get lots of pics of the delicious cookies Hannah will be selling!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Consumer Ratings - Need a new vacuum?

I'm certainly not Molly Maid by anyone's standards. Now, my neighbor is the epitome of Molly will NEVER find a speck of dust or anything in her house, it's always impecable. I just walk in awe around her home.

We've been needing a vacuum cleaner for a while. Actually, we need to replace our carpet, but that's not gonna happen for a while. So I got a gift card for Christmas from Target and we decided to bite the bullet and get one. We got the Bissell Cleanview II Bagless Plus. As skeptic as I am...I figured I'd give it a try before I left for work this morning. We've always had vacuums with bags..never one without one. So this was a new experience for us.

We have a sectional I decided to just do the square inside the sectional on the carpet. You could actually see the carpet fluffing up after the vacuum rolls over it. Tom and I sat there in awe. After doing that tiny square of our living room, I took out the cup that holds all the stuff that our carpet had been holding and here's what we got. Can you even imagine that all that stuff was in our carpet..just that little square. Gives a whole new meaning to the 5 second rule we've been using!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My family - 1st time blog post

This is my 1st attempt at trying to blog. My friend April has a blog and she's completely coherent and even witty in hers, so here's my attempt :o)!

My year has been eventful (opposite of uneventful - good word huh!).

I am 35 and work outside the home as a Residency Administrator for Eastern Virginia Medical School and have been there for 15 years. I have good things to say about him...hee hee...yep, he loves me...(is that good enough) lol. I can attribute all of my grey hairs (do I have any), lost hairs and increased stress level to him - he wins the award. In 2007 he spent 4 weeks in the hospital for a ruptured colon and then about 4 months out of work. This year, 2008, he spent less than a week in the hospital for back surgery and has been out of work for going on 3 months and is expected to be out another 8 weeks - YIKES! Did I mention he's a police officer - oh sorry, are they this accident prone? Someone, anyone?

We will be celebrating our 15th year anniversary in 2009 and I can say that 99.9% of those years have been estatically happy (no, I'm not holding my nose). We enjoy camping (we have a 31ft travel trailer) and spending time as a family. Before the back surgery, every weekend he had off, we were on a camping adventure..whether it be with family and friends or just by ourselves.

Hannah is very much a tomboy, so she's enjoyed 2 seasons of Baseball this year. She loved every minute of it and especially liked when she played "pitcher" and "catcher" this past season. She loves to read and play her DS. Just recently she moved out of her sister's room and had to have her room painted blue. She is doing great in 2nd grade and is on Honor Roll.

Samantha is our little princess. She loves to dress up, dance, sing and just be the center of attention when she walks into a room. She's in Pre-K and is learning so much from school and her older sister. She is taking dance at school and has her 1st recital coming up in May.

Asleep yet? Hope not! I'm just an ordinary wife and Mom and these are my adventures!
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