Friday, January 9, 2009

Such innocent slumber

Samantha had to sleep with her Princess Aurora crown last night. She played with it for about 1 hour when I finally told her if she didn't go to sleep, I was going to take it from her. She found a hook right above her bed that she hung it on before I left the room.

About an hour later, I go in there to shut off her string of princess lights and make sure she's covered and this is what I discovered. Does she look like Sleeping Beauty waiting on her Prince or what? I couldn't have staged this picture any better. As soon as I saw her, I grabbed my camera, took a pic and had to wake Tom up to see :)! Soo precious.....

So then I felt bad about taking her pic and not Hannah's while she was sleeping..she definately sleeps like her Father!

Tonight is our Girl Scout cookie rally - so I'll make sure I get lots of pics of the delicious cookies Hannah will be selling!


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