Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My baby turned 8...

I just can't fathom that my baby is already 8. WOWSA...will be even worse when Sami turns 5 this month. Where has time gone...weren't they just babies? 8 days after my due date, I remember Tom and I eating dinner at Denny's (I know...) March 15, 2001 before going to the hospital. When we got there at 8pm, they gave me meds to soften my cervix. The morning of the 16th about 7am, they gave me pitocin to start the process flowing. I was only 1 cm dialated at this point and had been for weeks. Contractions started almost immediately. I had visions of laboring without drugs. Around 2pm, I got the epidural and was progressing nicely. Finally at 10cm, I started pushing. 2 1/2 hours of hard pushing, she still wasn't coming out. I have a rounded cervix, so she wasn't coming down. They made the decision to do a c-section and they just gave me a higher dose in my epidural. Off to the OR I went. Tom and Charlene were able to be in there with me and see the whole process. I kept waiting for her to cry, that way I knew she was out and all was well. I got worried when I didn't hear the crying. Tom and Char were almost on the other side of the room watching. Hannah came out not breathing, so they were doing everything possible to make her breathe. They took her into the other room and got her breathing and I could hear her little about the longest moment in my LIFE! Tom finally brought her over to me, a perfect little angel. I got to kiss her and then they whisked her away to the nursery, along with Tom and was able to tell Tom that was his birthday present. Did I mention that Tom's birthday is March 16th too...what a gift. My baby was born at 10:41pm. The main thing I remember after they left was hearing the staff count all the items.....1 scaple, 5 gauses, the time I thought it was funny...but working in the medical profession now, I realize they were accounting for everything to make sure I didn't aquire anything "extra" before they stitched me up :)! I can certainly appreciate that! I spent almost 2 hours in recovery by myself..which is how I wanted it..I wanted Tom by Hannah's side and not let her out of his sight.

I finally got to my room and THEN was able to finally see and HOLD my baby girl. She was perfect....I checked for the obligatory 10 fingers, 10 toes, perfect in every way. Every test that they did for her, her 1st bath, etc., Daddy was right there. They would come in to take the bassinet and he'd make sure he was right there beside her walking down the hallway. I can honestly say for the first 3 days of her life, Daddy didn't let her go anywhere without him. Several naps were taken on the pull out bed with Hannah on his chest. Very very sweet.

On our way home from the hospital, we stopped at Walmart to shop. My c-section was so easy and compared to most, a breeze!

Fast forward to March 15, 2009 - Hannah and Tom's party. But does he really get to celebrate his birthday much...nope, but he did get a candle on a cupcake! :)! She had a great party and a great birthday the next day.

Happy 8th Birthday Hannah and Happy 36th Birthday Tom!

Pictures: In order from top to bottom:
1) Hannah's first Mother's Day, May 2001
2) Us singing Happy Birthday to Hannah on her 8th Birthday (baseball themed of course)
3) Kids playing twister at Hannah's party
4) Party room
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