Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What will you celebrate?

You know you are a Disney fan when you blog about an awsome Disney Celebrations box you got in the mail before you blog about your husband/daughter's birthday party and your front door/storm door that you finally replaced after 11 years of being in the house!

Ok, onto my box. I entered an essay contest that the Mickey Mom's Club had a few weeks ago and WON....well 1,000 of us I'm not that special. They were mailing us a party package so that we can host our very own in home Disney Celebration. Let me just tell you how wonderful the items in the box are.....the girls were just as excited as I was to open the box and peek at the contents! It came in a beautiful red box..unfortunately, it looked like fed-ex had dropped the box a few times, so the end was smashed which in turn smashed the beautiful colored fortune cookies in the box...but we had fun eating the remnents :)! There were 11 "goody bags" that are canvas bags that say "Celebrate Today" and inside are a mickey ear straw, magnets and a sheet for the magnets to stick too. Very awsome. Also there are 11 things to go inside the goody bags...that includes a mickey hat (like Burger King Birthday hats), coloring book and crayons. There are Disney napkins, beautiful lithographs for the Mom's of the birthday kids, fortune cookies (what's left of them..hee), balloons you can blow up for the party, a bingo game, trivia cards and a wish maker kit. There were also Hannah Montana magnets for all the kids, a WDW DVD vacation planner and a beautiful photo album for the hostess - ME! ALL in all, it was a wonderful surprise.

Samantha's birthday is April 16th, but we'll be camping that week for Spring Break, so we are doing her party on the 11th, day before Easter and doing a big Easter egg hunt in the backyard (pray for good weather for us...when I post about Hannah's party, you'll understand). So she'll have an Easter Disney theme for her party...she's very excited and was listing all 19 kids in her class. Explaining to her that she cannot invite all of them was a bit difficult, but hopefully we'll work it out!
For the rest of the 999 Disney souls that recieved the box, hopefully you are just as excited as I am :o)!
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