Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I wanted to update on the mouse situation...happily reported hopefully we don't have a situation anymore involvoing mice :o)!

We caught 2 live mice (or since Tom let the 1st one go..he may have come back for more). Since the neighbor nor I liked the idea of touching a live mouse, we got new traps.

So we got the traps that "kill" the mice. Believe me, while I wanted to get rid of them in a humane way..I'm sure the neighborhood did not like a grown man (neighbor) and a grown woman (me) screeching everytime we saw claws come out of the live traps :)! Eventually we tossed the scared mouse into the garbage can and hopefully he was picked up by the trash man the next day because we haven't seen him around lately. We have seen NO mice in our traps, nor have I had to clean up their "left behinds". So I'm thinking positive and the mouse problem is GONE!
As for the $50....of course I didn't win..I never do :o)! I hope Darcie wins though :)!

Time flies.....

Man, time sure does fly by. You blink one minute and your kids are babies and the next thing you know they are graduating from college. Ok, so we aren't on the college front yet..but it certainly is in the distant future. We are smack dab in the middle of grandchildren birthday's. My parents only have 4 of them...2 from me and 2 from my sister. Her son was 14 January 14th and her daughter just turned 7 on February 23rd. Hannah will be 8 on March 16th and Samantha will be 5 on April 16th. Then after that, they are sporadic.

I had to take a picture of me with Samantha for her dance recital on May 30th. Their theme is "My Mama had a Dancing Heart", so they wanted to do a slide show in the beginning with the girls and their mom's, grandma's, etc. Being the ever conscious parents, I couldn't just take a pic of me and Samantha...I had to interject Hannah in there, so we did a pic of all 3 of us that I submitted (I also have one of my Mom with Sami to submit). Seeing that pic reminded me of a favorite pic of me and the girls that was taken a long time ago. Now realize, I'm the one behind the very rarely do I get to actually be in the pic. Here's the pic from about 3 years ago when Hannah was in preschool and they had a Vday dinner.
Now fast forward to girls are growing up so fast, it's scary.

It brings tears to my eyes to know that they are growing up and unfortunately there's not a darn thing I can do about it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Darcie (Disney World Mom's Panalist) is giving away $50 for voting for her blog.

Check it out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nope, I don't mean Mickey and unfortunately I don't mean Disney World-I mean the real rodents. We have mice in our garage - and YES! I'm making myself believe they are ONLY in the garage. I've seen no evidence of them being in the house. I spent most of Sunday afternoon cleaning out the garage so that we could even see what was going on in there. Now, it's all clean, no more mouse poo as far as I can see and we put down these traps. You put bait in them and set them up, the rodent crawls inside, eats poison and the trap closes. Now, you would think, once he/she ingests the poison, they would die. 2nd night with the traps out, I excidedly told Tom we caught on, the trap door was closed. So I proceed to pick it up with a bag (Tom still can't bend from surgery) and hand it to him and proceed into the house. He takes it out front to dump into the garbage can and realizes the thing is ALIVE! Since he has such a good heart, he takes it across the street and dumps it in the neighbors ditch (Sorry Tony and Now, what's to stop the thing from coming back and bringing friends is my question to him. Tom says that when he gets water in his system, he'll die. (whateva!)

So this morning, the same trap is closed again, so looks like we've caught another one. I told Tom that if he wasn't prepared to kill it if it was not dead or tag it so we can see if he comes back (lol), then he should leave it alone and I'll find a willing man in the neighborhood to dispose of it tonight - ewwww.

Our preacher is coming to take Tom to lunch today...what are the chances he's not squemish about killing a mouse? hmmmmmm. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keeping Busy

Trying to keep busy in the midst of all Tom's surgery issues hasn't been easy. One way I kept busy was to paint and move the girls rooms around. They were sharing a room with the bunk beds and the other room was a playroom. We decided to give them their own room, since they really were not keeping the playroom cleaned, Mom was. One room was painted a light pink with dark pink sponge paints and the other room was the opposite. Hannah detested a pink room, so she choose her color - Cornflower blue. Took 2 coats of primer to cover the pink and 2 coats of blue to cover the primer.
Here are their finished rooms. Sami's is the bigger room, so it made more sense for her to keep the bunk bed in there and Hannah has Tom's old headboard from when he was growing up on the twin bed. Sami now has a little play place underneath her bed where her doll house is stored and Hannah gets privacy to do her homework at the desk (which is the last thing my Grandmother gave me before she passed away over 25 years ago). Right there between the bed and the wall, she has pillowed piled and if you can't find her, she's there reading a book or playing her DS. Nighttime is definately easier because Samantha's not climbing the ladder pulling Hannah's hair and singing keeping her awake. My sister and I each had our own room with bunk beds that stacked on top of each other. So we would go months with our own rooms and then decide to share and move everything around. Yes, we fought like cats and dogs, but we really enjoyed each other's company, I hope the same for my girls.
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