Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I wanted to update on the mouse situation...happily reported hopefully we don't have a situation anymore involvoing mice :o)!

We caught 2 live mice (or since Tom let the 1st one go..he may have come back for more). Since the neighbor nor I liked the idea of touching a live mouse, we got new traps.

So we got the traps that "kill" the mice. Believe me, while I wanted to get rid of them in a humane way..I'm sure the neighborhood did not like a grown man (neighbor) and a grown woman (me) screeching everytime we saw claws come out of the live traps :)! Eventually we tossed the scared mouse into the garbage can and hopefully he was picked up by the trash man the next day because we haven't seen him around lately. We have seen NO mice in our traps, nor have I had to clean up their "left behinds". So I'm thinking positive and the mouse problem is GONE!
As for the $50....of course I didn't win..I never do :o)! I hope Darcie wins though :)!

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