Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update on Tom (the Unknown)

Kind of funny I'm calling my husband an unknown...but I seriously believe he's certainly ONE OF A KIND! I'm sure I'll look back on these past 2 years with his health issues and smile (couldn't bring myself to say laugh). For anyone out there contemplating marriage...get a whole-body workup from a certified doc before you tie that knot!

Ok, on to the update: Heard from his back surgeon and he believes it has something to do with the SI joint injection he received last week. So he's going to call the doc that did the injection. We get a call late Tuesday night from the injection doc and he's still puzzled as to why Tom's having issues with his right foot, but will call him the next day to check on him. Later that evening, Tom was laying on his left side and said he felt a golf-ball size bump in his back when he laid on his left side. He shows me where he feels it and it looks about the same spot as they did the injection. We have him lay on a heating pad for about an hour and low and behold after that 1 hour of heat, he can wiggle his toes. As soon as he puts the foot down after getting off the heating starts to swell again...just more confirmation to me that it strings from the injection. Injection doc calls yesterday and after Tom told him of the revalation of the heating pad and knot..his response is "Ohhhhh". He wants to see Tom tomorrow morning. So hopefully that was a good "Ohhhh" and he knows what the problem is or NOT! I'm banking on the 1st one so we can get this cleared up. I'd like my life to go back to normal where I do the "mom" stuff around the house and he does the "dad" stuff. I didn't enjoy my evening spent removing caulk from the tub and replacing it and having to redo it cause I pressed too hard and it wasn't filling the cracks like it should! Or having to chissle open the frozen trash can lid to put a bag of trash in there. I need a vacation!

P.S. - Yesterday was my nephew's 14th Birthday - Happy Birthday Tyer, and thus starts the beginning of birthday season.

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  1. You poor thing! I know you'll be happy to have things return to normal. Hope Tom heals up and hairs over soon!


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