Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My family - 1st time blog post

This is my 1st attempt at trying to blog. My friend April has a blog and she's completely coherent and even witty in hers, so here's my attempt :o)!

My year has been eventful (opposite of uneventful - good word huh!).

I am 35 and work outside the home as a Residency Administrator for Eastern Virginia Medical School and have been there for 15 years.

Tom...hmmm...do I have good things to say about him...hee hee...yep, he loves me...(is that good enough) lol. I can attribute all of my grey hairs (do I have any), lost hairs and increased stress level to him - he wins the award. In 2007 he spent 4 weeks in the hospital for a ruptured colon and then about 4 months out of work. This year, 2008, he spent less than a week in the hospital for back surgery and has been out of work for going on 3 months and is expected to be out another 8 weeks - YIKES! Did I mention he's a police officer - oh sorry, are they this accident prone? Someone, anyone?

We will be celebrating our 15th year anniversary in 2009 and I can say that 99.9% of those years have been estatically happy (no, I'm not holding my nose). We enjoy camping (we have a 31ft travel trailer) and spending time as a family. Before the back surgery, every weekend he had off, we were on a camping adventure..whether it be with family and friends or just by ourselves.

Hannah is very much a tomboy, so she's enjoyed 2 seasons of Baseball this year. She loved every minute of it and especially liked when she played "pitcher" and "catcher" this past season. She loves to read and play her DS. Just recently she moved out of her sister's room and had to have her room painted blue. She is doing great in 2nd grade and is on Honor Roll.

Samantha is our little princess. She loves to dress up, dance, sing and just be the center of attention when she walks into a room. She's in Pre-K and is learning so much from school and her older sister. She is taking dance at school and has her 1st recital coming up in May.

Asleep yet? Hope not! I'm just an ordinary wife and Mom and these are my adventures!


  1. Hey! Great first blog entry! I love the pics you added! You have to tell me how you got the pictures to go where you wanted them. All of mine just go at the top everytime!

  2. hooray for new blogs to follow!! :)


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