Sunday, January 11, 2009

Party-Packed Weekend

We had a party-packed weekend. Friday night, Hannah had her Girl Scout Cookie Rally kickoff for girl scout cookies (selling started on Saturday). They had games, pizza and you could earn tickets from the games to turn in for prizes.

Saturday, we went with my sister's GS troop to Young Chef's Academy. Hannah
and Samantha (and the rest of the girls) had a blast. They got to prepare their own food, mix it and then eat it and even make a cookbook of the things they made. They made sloppy joes, fruit salad, soup and baked apples. The sloppy joes' were the bomb. I've always used a can when I make sloppy joes - NEVER AGAIN! Just take 1lb of hamburger (cooked), 1 can of
tomato soup and mustard and ketchup to taste and heat through. And whala..sloppy joes. They tasted great.

These little cutters are really cool too..I got one for each of them and some scrapers. Tomorrow night, they get to make dinner for us.

Then Saturday night we went to Tyler's birthday party (he turns 14 on Wed) and then today we had a party for Mom's birthday (which is on Tuesday). Good thing we have nothing going on this week.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend, but fun; I love the idea of this cooking place. I need to see if there is such a thing here!


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