Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nope, I don't mean Mickey and unfortunately I don't mean Disney World-I mean the real rodents. We have mice in our garage - and YES! I'm making myself believe they are ONLY in the garage. I've seen no evidence of them being in the house. I spent most of Sunday afternoon cleaning out the garage so that we could even see what was going on in there. Now, it's all clean, no more mouse poo as far as I can see and we put down these traps. You put bait in them and set them up, the rodent crawls inside, eats poison and the trap closes. Now, you would think, once he/she ingests the poison, they would die. 2nd night with the traps out, I excidedly told Tom we caught on, the trap door was closed. So I proceed to pick it up with a bag (Tom still can't bend from surgery) and hand it to him and proceed into the house. He takes it out front to dump into the garbage can and realizes the thing is ALIVE! Since he has such a good heart, he takes it across the street and dumps it in the neighbors ditch (Sorry Tony and Now, what's to stop the thing from coming back and bringing friends is my question to him. Tom says that when he gets water in his system, he'll die. (whateva!)

So this morning, the same trap is closed again, so looks like we've caught another one. I told Tom that if he wasn't prepared to kill it if it was not dead or tag it so we can see if he comes back (lol), then he should leave it alone and I'll find a willing man in the neighborhood to dispose of it tonight - ewwww.

Our preacher is coming to take Tom to lunch today...what are the chances he's not squemish about killing a mouse? hmmmmmm. Stay tuned...


  1. Too funny... Brian did the same thing one day last summer!

  2. OH mar.... the thought of mice gross me out too!! I love this story! you crack me up! :)

    (your blog is all prettied up now, I love it!!)

  3. Oh boy. Mice really creep me out. Except for the giant one at WDW of course. I certainly don't envy your circumstances right now. Good luck on the preacher front!


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