Friday, April 1, 2011

Science Fair and Birthdays!

Science Fair

The Science Fair was a big HIT!

Hannah got an A+ (100) on her Science Fair Project..woohoo! She did an amazing job!

Samantha's class also did a small science fair. They planted beans. Although hers didn't really grow, she had a great time planting and it now sits in our window at home trying to grow! They also grew beans on wet papertowels without dirt.


March 16th was Tom's 39th Birthday and Hannah's 10th Birthday. Hard to imagine that my baby is already in the double digits!

So hard to imagine another year has gone by! Just yesterday she looked like this...


  1. Marleen,

    Congrats to your incredibly smart girls! Way to go! 100%?? Amazing!! Glad you all had fun at the birthday party! Happy birthday to all. :-)

  2. who's that old guy you're with? I thought you were married to Tom? haha, jk. Love u Tom.


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