Friday, April 29, 2011

Break and Birthday!

Seems like I've been gone from here for forever!

I was in Boston, MA for a conference the week of April 11th and got back on Friday, April 15th. My baby turned 7 on April 16th!

Here she is blowing out her birthday candles at her party! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her that morning by herself..but it was a rush. See...were supposed to leave that afternoon for a week of camping for Spring break.

Here she is around her first Birthday! Isn't she adorable!
Here are some pictures of her party:

Is it just my children who are obsessed with punch bugs (voltswagon bugs)?

So since the big storm was coming our way, we didn't want to really be in a camper when it hit, so we decided to ride out the storm at home and head for camping on Sunday morning instead. So that at least gave me a little bit more time for packing, cleaning, etc. that had to be done.

Gloucester, VA got hit the hardest in our area. We actually drove past the school, Page Middle School, that got damaged in the storm. Luckily there was noone in the school and noone hurt in the area because of the storms, but the devastation is just that...devastating! They were still doing cleanup on the way back a week later! (the kids from the middle school were moved to other schools nearby, but they were changing the schedules for the other schools...schooling from 7:15am-12:45pm and from 1pm-6:30pm...can you even imagine!)

Spring Break/Camping pictures to come!

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