Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indian dress

Hannah has an international project that she has to complete in 4th grade. She has to choose a country and then throughout the year, she has to complete different assignments related to her country.

Her newest assignment was to research the traditional clothing worn by people in her country, write 5 sentences about it and have pictures of male and female clothing. In class, they are going to make paper dolls based on the clothing/fabric that was used. This was a very easy assignment for us, because the girls already had saris from their Uncle Khan's trip to India over Christmas. These saris are absolutely beautiful and the pictures definitely don't do them justice at all. The paper dolls will be on display during their International Day in May.

Unfortunately I had the girls try them on when it was 70 something outside and they were itching to go ride their bikes. Hannah's idea was to take pictures of her and Samantha wearing the saris and then use a picture we have of Uncle Khan, Aunt Eileen, Rishi, Rakesh and Ranjan and their prospective others in their saris and kurtas (worn by the men). So here are the pictures of the girls in their saris.

A HUGE thank you and HUGS to Uncle Khan and Aunt Eileen for the beautiful clothing!

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  1. They are absolutely beautiful in their attire!!!!


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