Monday, April 11, 2011

Camping and Boston, MA


We went camping this past weekend at American Heritage in Williamsburg, VA. Friends of ours bought a camper and this was the first time they had a chance to use it. We had a blast and had the perfect weather for it. They had new bikes that you could rent that were 4 seaters. The 2 people in the back pedaled and the 2 in the front got to ride. The kids had fun! Those bikes are really a workout in disguise :)! Not easy to pedal at all.

The easy part is sitting up front in seat belts...the hard part is the back seats where you have to steer and pedal

Boston, MA

I'm in Boston for an annual conference that I attend each year. It is the first time I've been in MA. Nice 62 degree weather, I'm lovin it. It's hard to leave Tom and the girls, but I'll only be gone a week. Doesn't seem to be much around the hotel area where I'm at, but hopefully I'll get to explore in the next few days. We have a reception at the big aquarium here on Wed night, so I'm looking forward to that. Here are some pics from my hotel room, The Westin Waterfront.

View from my room

My hotel room (the unicorn on the bed is the animal Samantha had me bring in case I started to miss her and Hannah - sweet huh!)

This is what Westin calls the "heavenly shower" Oh Yeah!


  1. Enjoy Boston Marleen. I have been there once as an adult and really enjoyed the shopping area at Fanueil Hall. Also, try to get to the Old North Church.."One if by land and two if by sea:, and Paul Revere's house. There is also an amazing Holocaust memorial. Made me cry. Enjoy!! You will be home to your family in no time!

  2. Miss you girlfriend! Enjoy your heavenly shower, although I think the heavenly part of it is not the shower itself, but the fact that no one will knock on the bathroom door saying "Mommy!!"


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