Friday, December 24, 2010

In the First Light

In the first light of a new day

No one knew He had arrived

Things continued as they had been

While a newborn softly cried

But the heavens wrapped in wonder

Knew the meaning of His birth

In the weakness of a baby

They knew God had come to earth

As his Mother held Him closely

It was hard to understand

That her baby not yet speaking

Was the word of God to man

He would tell them of His Kingdom

But their hearts would not believe

Thy would hate Him and in anger

They would nail Him to a tree

But the sadness would be broken

As the song of life arose

And the firstborn of creation

Would ascend and take His throne

He had left it to redeem us

But before His life began

He knew He'd come back not as a baby

But as the Lord of every man

Hear the angels as they're singing

On the morning of His birth

But how much greater will their song be

When He comes again to earth!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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