Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am very thankful for my family!

We had a great thankgiving luncheon at Hannah and Samantha's school. We made cute little turkeys and pilgrilm hats. The kids made place mats for Thankgiving dinner and each of their classes did a little skit.
Thanksgiving dinner was had at my parents house in NC. We had a fantastic time and left very full.

After dinner, Tom and my dad took Hannah to try out Tom's 22 and she really enjoyed it.

Charlene and I had a fantastic time shopping on black friday. We started out Thanksgiving night around 9pm and got home around 6:30am Friday morning. We got some great deals, Santa would be proud!

This would usually be the weekend where we would get out all our Christmas decorations, but luckily my nephew came over last weekend and helped us put up our tree and then helped us put up the outside lights it's all done.

Hope you had a fantastic Thankgiving and black friday weekend.

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